Dynamite (Single)


I said: What I want I know thats what she’s got
She’s got me on the line
Lost in lust forevermore
Want to make her mine
She’s blowing my fuse with nothing to loose
Leaving my patience behind
No way to win and million ways to loose
She’s driving me out of my mind

Pure as sin
She lets me in
Hot as the sun
Baby don’t stop til its done

She’s like dynamite dynamite
She blows me up all night
Dynamite Dynamite
She blows me up all night
No handle with care
She’s already there
Fire it up allright
Dynamite dynamite dynamite

Work all day sleep all night
Surely takes its tall
My legs are aching eyes wide shut
Catch me if I fall
My body wants what the body wants
This ain’t no truth or dare
Pray for me if nothing else
If she has got no prayer

No black or white
No wrong or right
No day or night
All gone in smoke and fire