Wheel Of Fortune


In ancient times
Magicians made the rules
They knew the secret
Of the cards we call Tarot
Among those cards
There’s a picture to reveal
It shows the secret
And the power of the wheel

The wheel of fortune
Is the mystery of life
The never ending act of death and new rebirth
And so the people get used to what they feel
They feel their power
And the power of the wheel

Wheel of fortune won’t you turn me round
Wheel fortune turn me ’round
Wheel of fortune won’t you change my fate
Wheel of fortune change my fate

Your life is like a ship out on the sea
Sailing for the promised land that you will never see
And when the storms attack with winds of steel
They call the power
The power of the wheel

In ancient times magicians made the rules
They kept the secret while we remained the fools
So live your life the futures at your will
And you’re the secret the power of the wheel