Immediately after the first single and video release of „RESET MY SANITY“ taken from their debut album “METAL IN MY HEART”, BREFORTH managed to conquer the hearts of the worldwide metal community by storm.

But this would only be the beginning. With the title track “METAL IN MY HEART” and the power metal anthem “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”, BREFORTH conquered the radio. Together with “REST IN PEACE” and the single that came out 2 days before the album release “DYNAMITE” , all 5 released singles were even voted “Power Song Of The Week” by the Dutch radio station HOEX RADIO, which no German band had succeeded in doing before.

Mastermind Jürgen Breforth knows what he owes his loyal fans. With BREFORTH he musically returns to his roots in 1982, when the “NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL” with bands like SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST captured his own metal heart and when he founded his first band MAD MAX, which still tours worldwide; like recently they played in front of 5,000 enthusiastic metal fans in April 2023 in Colombia/South America. (www.madmax-germany.com).

Jürgen, together with his songwriting partner and BREFORTH lead singer Peter Lenzschau, Erik Blumenthal on lead guitar, Jens Lükermann on bass and Arne Fleischhut on drums, are eager to enthrall all metalheads with brand new songs from their debut album and classics from Jürgen’s “40 metal years”.

With worldwide top notch reviews and acclaimed debut album “METAL IN MY HEART”, BREFORTH is more than ready to also win over the metal hearts around the world live as they are aiming to hit the stages indoor as well as playing hardrock and metal festivals all over in 2024.

In december 2023 BREFORTH won the german “ROCK & POP PRICE” in the categories “BEST HARD ROCK BAND”, “BEST METAL SINGER” and “BEST DRUMMER”.